Competence, from an academic point of view, could be considered as the sufficiency of means each one of us, or our Companies, do have in order to face the necessities and conveniences of life.

From my personal perspective, personal or business competence will then show when we, naturally or under a studied or coordinated way, melt and blend our means to face the necessities and conveniences that life and/or markets present us.

Hence you would agree with me that competence is part of our Unique Sales Proposal: the uniqueness we do have in the particular blend of body-intellectual-emotional capacities and skills we convoke facing life as it presents us, moment-by-moment, situation-by-situation, as a Person; or the unique way we combine talent, resources and technology if we consider it from a Company perspective.

Life and markets are always challenging, challenging our capacities as persons, as professionals or as companies and either way, we face this challenge by adapting and combining our means to compete and be competent in each situation.

While facing a challenging market or life situation, sometimes we worry about the way others will face it, and we decide our strategy by looking at the way they will blend their combination. We do not realise that by doing this, we are letting aside part of the uniqueness and of the spirit that live up our sales proposal, loosing this way not just opportunities, but identity in some way… adopting others strategy… setting ourselves out of step.

Happiness, on the other hand, is considered by the latest investigations as a “by-product” of personal realisation, that would be achieved and experienced when we align all our capacities and skills focusing them in the achievement of something that make sense and presents a challenge to each one of us.

Just think about the powerful combination of both ideas, as aligning our capacities and means, showing our competence at its very best, we would not just gain market or social competence, but achieve highest degrees of happiness and self-realisation.

Possibly this is why in medicine and sciences the competence will show just when a bacteria is able to undergo a genetic transformation, when it is able to transcend and transform in something higher, bigger or simply… different.

Just try, do not think about other’s competence, think about the way you could achieve that art of science competence state that would enable you and your business to grow and conquer higher states of happiness and self-realisation.



Marta Martínez Arellano

People and Business Development- CTT certified Consultant
SME’s and Institutions international and innovation consultant, has worked with more than 400 Companies and institutions in different fields such as: commercialisation, communication, international negotiation, innovation and product development, coopetitiveness and international cooperative initiatives. Innovation Mentor, at EU projects.