Awakening corporate Souls

Awakening corporate Souls

historiaI am convinced that what rouses, what endows courage and impetus to any Enterprise or Project, is Its Soul. The pre-existing vivid and inspiring  thoughts that  leads to its creation, serving at the same time as a source and guide. As a human creation, any company responds to the combination of the three basic human creation tools: Thought, Word and Action. But they must all be orchestrated and aligned with that original purpose, that «mood» or creative impulse, born from the hand of its creator. Seeding the way and the path towards a Vision, the way to that place it should occupy according to the wise combination of Assets with which it will fulfil the market needs. That original spirit, exceeds the «aspirations» of the entrepreneur, and accompanies the enterprise throughout its life steering its development. Those who pursue this are not those that have making a living as their primary goal but rather  those whose primal goal IS to keep trying, growing and challenging their own capabilities in a market that increasingly appreciates the freshness and savvy of a particular  position in a tumbling world. In recent decades I have seen how businesses have drowned their own souls, focusing on the operational tools. For years «vision» became just a word, a marketing tool, a nice phrase that pretended to create a reality by its own presence but that never became true. Perceived by the team as either unrealistic or as incomprehensible … So we decided that the «vision» was a term for consultants and marketing gurus empty of any meaning. We then focused on formalizing and standardizing of processes to make them reliable and repeatable; we consecrated the reign of the famous “Standard Norms”. Leaving it in strangers hands, the hands of somebody who did not understand anything about our aspirations. Thus, as the practitioner of Tai-chi, we focused on the movements’ process, forgetting about what their very essence was. Soon after, the focus was set on thinking, and we lovingly structured rigid networks and business relationships in scaled economies epitomised  by  impossible deadlines and discount prices. Our eyes clinging to the plan’s vision, strategy and balances, we forgot to look out the window. Drowning by machine loans «made in mine is largest» we forgot not just to breath but also that selling by price means losing respect for our daily work. Paying attention to control the process we forgot that punishing initiative guarantees paralysis. We planned our business activity in hefty volumes of strategic plans while living eyes closed, turning our back on the market, and received a resounding slap in the face given by an overburdened and declining market. We forgot that without customers any business will die and that customers must fall in love… We forgot that courtship requires trust. Only those that show confidence and passion will win affections, and none of them can be pretended. Clients just love trust in the company itself, love singular ways of resolving needs, unique personalities, and they are willing to pay for solutions. We forgot that uniqueness, confidence and personality steams from that unique dash of inspiration lying behind the originators thought: I encourage you as a CEO or as a professional to forget about the plans, park the balance sheets, let the process take its course… And dress your Company up every morning, light its more smiling lovingly Assets and seduce the needs by tempting clients with bright solutions animated by personal aspirations… Awaken your soul and be amazed at the beneficial effect its “stretching” will bring perfil bautizo 2013Marta Martínez Arellano Personal and Business development Mentor Coach Innovation Consultant and Mentor, expert in personal, entrepreneurial and Business Conscious Development. Product and market innovation Mentor certified by the EU and several Spanish Administrative Bodies. More than 400 SME Companies in Spain, Europe and America have worked with or attended her seminars.]]>

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